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Webcam Test added

We are proud to announce that we have added a webcam test to our site.

You can find it here:

With this test you can prepare for video calls, e.g. Zoom calls, by testing both the video feed and quality, as well as your microphone.

This is ideal for work, school or just calling your friends & family via a video conferencing call.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new test!


Coming Soon: Webcam Test

We are working on a webcam test for our users, as we’ve seen quite a lot of demand for it in addition to our microphone test.

With this test you’ll be able to not only test your microphone, but also the video feed from your webcam.

This will be ideal for video calls for school or work, for example Zoom calls.

So stay tuned, we will be releasing our webcam test very soon!


Welcome to

We built this simple yet powerful online microphone test tool so that anyone can quickly test their mic anytime and from anywhere without fuss. We are proud that our microphone test is quick, simple to use, and without unneccessary complications or complexities. It just works.

Our mic test tells you whether your microphone was detected or not, and whether any sound/volume was detected. Nothing more and nothing less.

We hope you enjoy our microphone test!