This is a simple online microphone test so you can check whether your microphone works correctly. It's great before you start a Zoom call or any other video or audio-only call that requires a working microphone to be connected to your desktop or laptop computer. To begin the mic test, simply click the 'Start Test' button above.

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Microphone Test Before Zoom Call

"I used this microphone test to quickly check if my webcam and mic are working before jumping on a Zoom call. Very simple and useful!" - ★★★★★ - James

Quick Mic Test

"This mic test was quick and painless. Ideal for a fast mic check before having a call." - ★★★★★ - May

Problem Solved

"This simple microphone tester detected that my mic wasn't enabled. Problem solved!" - ★★★★★ - Jo

Mic Check

"I checked my mic with this micrphone test tool. All is well!" - ★★★★★ - Mike

Simple Microphone Test

"Simple mic test that just works. 5 stars." - ★★★★★ - Michael

Fixed Microphone

"My microphone somehow wasn't working so I had it tested with this online mic test." - ★★★★★ - Gemma

Microphone Check

"Needed a few microphones checked and this site let me choose each one for testing. Great!" - ★★★★★ - Linda


"Useful little site. Works great!" - ★★★★★ - Liu

Fast & Easy Microphone Test

"The microphone test I did worked perfectly and it was fast and easy." - ★★★★★ - Maya


"Easy mic check and test. 5 stars." - ★★★★★ - Nina

5 Stars - Great!

"I wish other sites would be so straightforward and simple to use." - ★★★★★ - George

Tested Laptop Microphone

"Loved it, used to test microphones connected to my laptop." - ★★★★★ - Vicky

PC Computer Mic Test

"Microphone test on desktop computer done, it works!" - ★★★★★ - Sophie

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Coming Soon: Webcam Test

We are working on a webcam test for our users, as we’ve seen quite a lot of demand for it in addition to our microphone test. So stay tuned, we will be releasing our webcam test very soon!

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How this Microphone Test works

You may be wondering how our microphone test works. It’s quite simple. First, when you arrive to our site, you are requested to grant access to your microphone so that we can check it. Then our site checks whether a microphone is connected and can be detected, followed by a sound and volume check. If all is well, you will see that your microphone is working. If not, you will receive an error message telling you what happened.

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Welcome to

We built this simple yet powerful online microphone test tool so that anyone can quickly test their mic anytime and from anywhere without fuss. We are proud that our microphone test is quick, simple to use, and without unneccessary complications or complexities. It just works.

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